Guys!!! literally i just like to blog it’s like my new hobbie :D. I wish if i could post emojis here to express myself :/. Blogging is creative and half of the time i have no idea what i’m really doing.I’m new and learning. But guys blogging is an amazing community trust me.

It is so nice to see others pursuing the same objectives and being able to support each other in the process.I think with the blogging community; we have all been there. We at one time, we were all that brand new blogger, just trying to figure it out. I believe that is why the sense of support within the community is so strong. We don’t look at each other as competition, but instead lift each other up through collaborations, shout outs, likes, comments, etc. It is such an inspiring community to be a part of and I love giving that support back to other bloggers on their journey.

We explore new things everyday and its one of the way i can express myself.

Okay guys just found a way to get emojis 😃 😍. i Started like a month ago and i was complete blank. i had no idea about domains and hosting and stuff 😳

I came across many hosting platforms ofcourse i wanted a cheap web hosting to host my wp website. i know i know i’m still using the free wp version🙇. I choose the free wp version because i’m still in the learning stage in  the future i will host it on a new platform not a bigdeal you know. I came across many hosting platforms trust me all of them are affordable than wordpress. One platform i know about hosting for the 1st year for only 0.88 dollars per month 😲. okay so i will make a post on affordable hosting websites in the future I.A

OML this was way off topic and guys out there who wanna start blogging i really recommend wordpress for beginners. Learn it here and then move to paid hosting.

If you wanna start blogging do it with passion and consistency 💓