4 Effective Tips to Boost Your Website Loading Speed



Suppose that you want to buy a product from an online store but the page is taking too much time to load! Would your first impression be very positive? If no, then you should know that your customers would think in the same way when your website takes a longer time to load. According to a recently made survey, each one-second delay in the page loading time results in more than 15% decrease in the customer satisfaction aspect. Moreover, it affects in the form of almost 11% decrease in the page views along with almost 7% loss in the business conversions.

Hence, you can easily understand how vital it is to load your website sooner to sustain successfully in today’s striving business market. Here is a list of 4 smart tips that can effectively boost your website loading speed.

#1 Reduce HTTP Requests

A web page consists of several elements such as images, scripts, style sheets, Flash and much more. Recently, Yahoo conducted a survey and came out with the report that such different parts of a web page consume almost 80% of the page loading time. Each element generates an HTTP request. Hence, it is easily understandable that the more you have on page elements, the longer time the page would take to load. Here are some smart tips that can definitely improve the speed of your website loading.

  • If possible, instead of using images, try to use CSS.
  • Streamline the element numbers on the web page.
  • Minimize scripts. If possible, put all the scripts at the page bottom.
  • Merge multiple style sheets into particular one.

#2 Enable Caching of Browser

When a visitor visits a particular website for the first time, the hard drive stores all the page elements like JavaScript files, HTML documents, style sheets, images etc. So, when the visitor visits that particular site next time, the browser can automatically load the web page without generating any further HTTP request. Hence, you can understand importance of enabling caching of the browser.

According to a research, almost 45%-60% of the total daily site visitors, come to a website with a clear cache. Hence, for the first-time visitors, you should devise the website in such a way so that it loads faster. More importantly, pay extra attention to enable the browser cache so that it can shave off the page loading time for the next visits.

#3 Enable Compression

Compression is an effective technique to zip the large files. To make your website faster, this is an incredible solution. If you enable compression, it would help you to diminish the web page bandwidth that would result into minimized HTTP response. If you are looking for some effective tools to do this job, there are plenty of options like Gzip available in the market.

If you want to apply this Gzip format, you need to use either the built-in routines or need to call a third-party module. According to the research conducted by Yahoo, compression enabling can definitely diminish the download time by almost 70%. Nowadays, almost 90% of the Internet traffic moves through such browsers that are compatible with Gzip. Hence, this is really an intriguing option to boost your website speed.

#4 Get Rid of Unnecessary Plugins

We install plugins so that we can effortlessly do some tasks in a time-efficient way. However, a browser flooded with many plugins is really not acceptable! Excessive plugin installations not only slow down the website speed but might cause several security issues as well. More importantly, it might cause technical difficulties along with system crash. So, how to overcome this issue?

You should check minutely and select all those plugins, which you are not using anymore but still installed in your browser. It is advisable to get rid of all those unused and unnecessary plugins. Select one by one and disable it and then check the server performance. In this way, you can understand which plugins are affecting or slowing down your website.

Apart from all the above-mentioned aspects, here are some other crucial points that need your attention.

  • Diminish response time of the server.
  • Reduce the number of redirects.
  • Try to optimise the CSS delivery.
  • Use optimised images on your website.


Understanding The Android And iOS Applications



People have been dependent on their cell phones for different purposes, and they get all the required solutions of their problems through the applications of mobile phones. It is also primarily used for paying bills, accumulating different information about various factors which are dispersed on the internet, get in touch with friends anywhere around the world, solving every glitch, playing new and modern games, others.

Presently, the market is booming with the new invention of Smartphones which is capable of offering every facility that is equivalent to a desktop or laptop. It is to be noted that it requires the assistance of a special software program to give the proper efficacy and ensure the appropriate use of its hardware. Everyone is accustomed to the factor that there are two kinds of operating systems available which work as an operating system for these modern, innovative mobile phone, i.e., the Android and iOS.

We all are informed about the fact that iOS is the exclusive OS which runs only on Apple’s supporting mobile platform. It has transformed the world with its new, innovative, inbuilt, and user-friendly operations and loads of useful apps. Presently, it has been found that they are renowned for providing every app which satisfies each and every necessity of people. Approximately more than 800 million devices are functioning on iOS, and in the near future, as estimated, it will cover up nearly 1 billion devices which will be working on iOS.

There has been a huge decrease in the sales of computer, and it is all due to the proficiency offered by the hand-held devices. The research says that millions of apps are downloaded and in them lies the presence of games as well, that is liked and preferred by youths and kids. They are also well aware of the same. It is a proof which shows peoples dependency on Apple’s operating system and the efficiency provided by its apps which are being frequently used.

It is the leading cause which assures you that anyone can go ahead and shape an iOS app and can earn millions of dollars. If you have required knowledge of programming and have a brief understanding of it, then you can focus on learning programming of Apple iOS. In this way, you will not only be capable of developing an app but also will be able to handle Apple app development.

However, if you focus on the Android application then it should be the priority as the present market of smartphone users throughout the world are filled with Android dealers. There is no significant difference in these two operating systems. However, both of them have made human life quite easier, and every work which requires the assistance of a machine to get accomplished can be done with such defined systems.


Basics of Developing a Native Application


The main benefit that a native app offers is entire benefits of any given operating system. Although, it is pretty much tough to update and cope with a given OS. As it would be necessary continuously making changes in the app as per changing modules and features in OS. In this manner, a business owner will be using all the hardware of an operating system. There are some business owners who wish to target just a specific audience. For those business owners, Native app is a good option. It is specially intended for a specific kind of platform. For an instance, if a business owner has some special services only for iPhone owners, then why would he wish that other platform users use his application. Business owners prefer it as it offers quicker performance with great reliability. A native app utilizes all the features of any operating system to the most and can offer more robust applications. It can also access some of the features of your smart phone such as camera, phone book, GPS, etc.

Additionally, it also allows any user for using an application without the requirement of data connection The native app offers a user with attractive design, looks and features with a rich Graphic User Interface (GUI) across all the devices. One will also get similar functionality with the native apps. A user will get an exceptional experience while using a native app. He will get access to maximum features of any OS. Besides that, you will also get access to push capabilities. Even, flexible data synchronization is also possible while native mobile app development which is one of the key features.

How to avail services of native mobile app development?
It is necessary considering some parameters while native mobile app development. Developing a native app demands a lot of experience that all the companies might not be having. Thus, it becomes necessary checking out the points necessary while availing services of native mobile development. Here are some of the important points:

Same UI on all devices
It is a prerequisite for any native app that it provides same User Interface on all available devices i.e. any kind of desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop etc. Thus, the app must be feasible with all such devices and compress or expand itself as per the necessity. In this manner, it provides the user with a similar interface for cross platform development.

Social media integration
Nowadays it has become a necessity integrating business page with social media sites. It helps one gain maximum amount of popularity in minimum amount of time. While availing services of native mobile app development, it must be made sure that whether the company is providing social media integration or not.

Developing a native app requires a lot of time and effort. A developer must be familiar with open source frameworks, designing, development as well as stack in order to effectively developing a native app. He must also be well conversant with the development procedure, for offering a highly efficient app to the owner.

Area of usage
Every app has its own purpose. For serving that purpose, it is necessary that the application is designed keeping that purpose in mind. Thus, the business owner must make it clear to the developer about it. So that he can create the app keeping that purpose in mind.

Cost Effective Solution
Although, developing a native app is much expensive. Overall cost of the project can be reduced with the help of using open source tools and techniques. In this way, the company can reduce the burden both on the business owner and on itself.