How to Handle the Emotions of a Breakup


Relationship breakups have the tendency of throwing any individual into a world of agony, despair, haunting memories and emotions. And the longer the relationship, stronger these tendencies get and getting over your ex becomes more difficult and takes longer.

The breakup might have been the right thing to do but that still doesn’t take away the pain and emotional turmoil it puts one through. The same can to a large extent be said of a relationship where the couples haven’t been together for that long because the same emotional upheavals can surface and almost with the same intensity.

Having said that, let’s get back to the main issue here – handling the emotional turmoil resulting from the breakup with your ex. You may at this point be feeling like the breakup was all your fault and start feeling guilty about it. However, whether it was your fault or not will not help matters if you remain this way, therefore you have to let go of these feelings of guilt. Equally, you might have done something to your ex that you feel you need to apologize for, you will do exactly that to help clear your mind, but not just now, give yourself some time to stronger first.

One emotional aspect when going through a breakup that can seriously affect any individual is the feeling of sadness. While a little crying and being sad may be normal, these should not be engaged in for too long. You have to watch out for these are they can easily lead to clinical depression. One good advice at this stage would be for you to never be alone for too long, isolation will only make the situation worse and therefore you need to find trusted friends and family members to be around you for support and encouragement.

Also, anger and oftentimes a destructive type may want to get the better of you at some point during this period of healing from the breakup with your ex. Anger at this moment can do only one thing and that is to worsen an already complicated issue. This is where forgiveness comes in. You need to first and foremost, “forgive yourself” and then forgive your ex for the breakup and any other thing you might be holding against them.

One thing that can help you get over these emotional turmoil is boosting your self-confidence. I know you’ll say that’s the last thing you think you can do now, but it’s going to be a gradual process and you’ll get there before you know it. The trick here is for you to get involved in some social or personal activities to help occupy your mind and so think less about the breakup itself.

You can start going out more often with your friends and colleagues at work, enroll in a dance class or even register at your local gym to get a fitter and trimmer you. These activities will make you feel happier with time and definitely help boost your self-confidence.

Frankly speaking, there is no simply way to get out of this depressive state with all the emotions that might be running through you because of the breakup with your ex. Your ability to get yourself back together and fight these emotions in a healthy way will make it easier for you to be able to get back together with your ex or move on to a new relationship.


How to Survive a Breakup And Learn to Love Again



In plain English, the secret to surviving a breakup is nothing more than time. This truth may however not settle down well with someone who has just been through a breakup but remains the only true key to recovering from the pain of a breakup.

Surviving a breakup can be a daunting task but ultimately you have to come to terms with the fact that only time can truly heal all the hurt and doubts that the breakup might have caused. The time it takes to heal is really a matter of how soon you are able to come to terms with the reality on the ground and to understand that a breakup is not the end of the world.

You should by all means stop any act of self-pitying over the breakup. Moreover, you should get hold of yourself and avoid trying to seclude yourself from the rest of the world. In your present condition, you need to have friends and family beside you as support and source of encouragement. Hiding away all by yourself is depressing and can only compound the weight of the anguish you are feeling.

There is also the temptation to use quick fixes in getting yourself out of this state of despair. Most of these quick fixes give you the illusion of having taken away the pains howbeit only for a while but actually end up causing more pain both to you and others around you.

One such quick fix is the use of alcohol. What most people don’t understand is that alcohol is actually a depressant and while it makes you forget your pains temporarily, it ends up intensifying the pain you are going through. And definitely you do not want to get involved in drunk dialing to your ex in this state of mind.

Also, during this time there is the temptation of finding someone to temporarily hook up with. This can be a very tricky move because while hoping that your ex will get jealous when they hear about it, you are equally unintentionally hurting someone else.

To help ease the pain and heal the wounds of the breakup, it is a good idea to find things that can help distract you for a while, things that will take your mind off all the negative feelings you might be feeling at the moment. The kind of distraction or hobby you choose to use in this case have a direct effect on how long it might take you to heal and how it affects your ex’s perception about your handling of the breakup.

Think of activities that have the most potential of keeping you engaged mentally and physically. Activities that involve a lot of other people will also give you ample opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances who can easily fill the void in your heart and take your mind away from the pain of the breakup.

You could use this time to acquire a new skill, take extra lessons on a new and interesting subject or even take a break from work and go on a vacation if you have the time and can afford it. Additionally you can try getting in shape by joining a local gym. The goal is to essentially use this period to make self improvements that will positively help you move forward in your personal and social life.

No matter how painful a breakup might be, one has to come to a point when he or she must decide to let it all go and move on with life. Breaking up with your ex does hurt and there is no easy way around it. However, to help you heal faster, you should get involved in positive and creative self-development activities to keep your mind occupied while you ease the pain and heal the wounds from the breakup.