Do You Think The Future Of Robotic Armies Is Science Fiction? Then You Are A Fool

Future of Robotics Army.


The future of warfare will be autonomous, algorithmic and robotic, in many cases it already is. We have missile defense systems which act based on information without waiting for a human to make the decision. We have robotic aircraft, and autonomous systems everywhere we look. Most of our adversaries both large and small use robotics, electronics, and autonomous devices to serve their will in battle. A smaller army needs an advantage, and the old days of lining up and having a war of attrition are long gone. Since all armies or opponents seek an advantage and since robotics, autonomous systems are an advantage – these systems will be deployed as often as possible.


There was a rather interesting article on Singularity Hub titled; “Watch These 1,069 Robots Dance Their Way to a New World Record . i ‘m actually amazed by this video Massive 1069 robots dance in sync ,”  Vanessa Bates Ramirez on September 5, 2017  stated:

“WL Tech held the dance party to demonstrate their latest robotic technology. The robots were all programmed via one group control system. One Dobi Robot is 47cm tall, weighs 2.15 kilos, and costs $330. Besides dancing, the robot can also walk, talk, and do Tai Chi. There’s a lot of anxiety around robots taking on new capabilities. They’re already smarter than us in some ways. Can they eventually become conscious? Will they steal all our jobs? Amid these worries, and for better or worse, robots will likely continue to infiltrate our lives in various capacities-so we may as well have some fun with them.”

 They lined up the robots like an army in a parade to do their performance. If you were to blur the video image with your eyes or just back up a little you would be able to tell these were cute little robots or storm troopers with weapons. Indeed, it’s the same technology either way anyhow.


Many cringe at the thought of robotic armies slaughtering humans, many nations now are convening in Geneva to update the Geneva Convention when it comes to robotic weapons, especially fully autonomous ones (no human in the loop or at the controls by remote). Still, who says it will be robots killing humans, most likely it will be robotic armies attacking other defending robotic armies and the nation with the best robots wins – thus, the other surrenders to their political will. Think this is all science fiction? It’s not, it’s almost here, yes, you should be concerned.

Just Found another amazing robotics video.Another robots dance


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Basics of Developing a Native Application


The main benefit that a native app offers is entire benefits of any given operating system. Although, it is pretty much tough to update and cope with a given OS. As it would be necessary continuously making changes in the app as per changing modules and features in OS. In this manner, a business owner will be using all the hardware of an operating system. There are some business owners who wish to target just a specific audience. For those business owners, Native app is a good option. It is specially intended for a specific kind of platform. For an instance, if a business owner has some special services only for iPhone owners, then why would he wish that other platform users use his application. Business owners prefer it as it offers quicker performance with great reliability. A native app utilizes all the features of any operating system to the most and can offer more robust applications. It can also access some of the features of your smart phone such as camera, phone book, GPS, etc.

Additionally, it also allows any user for using an application without the requirement of data connection The native app offers a user with attractive design, looks and features with a rich Graphic User Interface (GUI) across all the devices. One will also get similar functionality with the native apps. A user will get an exceptional experience while using a native app. He will get access to maximum features of any OS. Besides that, you will also get access to push capabilities. Even, flexible data synchronization is also possible while native mobile app development which is one of the key features.

How to avail services of native mobile app development?
It is necessary considering some parameters while native mobile app development. Developing a native app demands a lot of experience that all the companies might not be having. Thus, it becomes necessary checking out the points necessary while availing services of native mobile development. Here are some of the important points:

Same UI on all devices
It is a prerequisite for any native app that it provides same User Interface on all available devices i.e. any kind of desktop, mobile, tablet, laptop etc. Thus, the app must be feasible with all such devices and compress or expand itself as per the necessity. In this manner, it provides the user with a similar interface for cross platform development.

Social media integration
Nowadays it has become a necessity integrating business page with social media sites. It helps one gain maximum amount of popularity in minimum amount of time. While availing services of native mobile app development, it must be made sure that whether the company is providing social media integration or not.

Developing a native app requires a lot of time and effort. A developer must be familiar with open source frameworks, designing, development as well as stack in order to effectively developing a native app. He must also be well conversant with the development procedure, for offering a highly efficient app to the owner.

Area of usage
Every app has its own purpose. For serving that purpose, it is necessary that the application is designed keeping that purpose in mind. Thus, the business owner must make it clear to the developer about it. So that he can create the app keeping that purpose in mind.

Cost Effective Solution
Although, developing a native app is much expensive. Overall cost of the project can be reduced with the help of using open source tools and techniques. In this way, the company can reduce the burden both on the business owner and on itself.